My Recovery Journey in 2013

Every year in my journal I reflect upon the past year and all of my accomplishments along with goals still in progress and for the next year.  It reminds me of everything that I achieved and allows me to celebrate each accomplishment and gives me a good platform for continuing in my recovery and what else I want/need to accomplish.

One of the biggest rules I have for this yearly reflection is kindness and compassion.  If I am still working on something, then I am still working on it.  If I still did not make it to something on my list that I wanted to accomplish, then that is okay, too.  This is not about what I did not accomplish, but about celebrating what I did.  It about continuing to make, change, erase, or whatever any goals I may have in the future and the future is whenever.  I do not have to accomplish everything in a month, six months, or a year.  There is no perfection here.


Of course these accomplishments and goals are not an exhaustive list (and I may have forgotten a few big things to write down!), but these are some of the most important recovery accomplishments this years and goals for the next.  I have accomplished so much and I could not be more happy or proud of myself for my achievements.  I cannot wait to see what else I can achieve in recovery in the upcoming year and beyond.  I know, with recovery, I can accomplish the things that were never possible before when I was sick.  I can accomplished my dreams.

What have you accomplished in your recovery this year?  What are your goals for the future?    Remember: Have kindness and compassion towards yourself when writing down your accomplishments and goals and NO accomplishment is too small to celebrate!

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