Kristin's Recovery Bucket List

I recently finished reading Almost Anorexic by Dr. Jennifer Thomas and Jenni Schaefer.  In the last chapter it discusses having "a dream big enough to beat Ed"(pg 266) to fill the space in your identity that was falsely taken up by your eating disorder.  It asks and dares you to ask yourself in this phase of your recovery, what are your dreams and are they big enough to overcome your Ed and to the point at which you are no longer in a space of  "almost anorexic" but free from eating disorder behaviors, thoughts, actions, etc---in true recovery.

Ever since I have entered this current phase in my recovery, I have discovered so many possibilities, dreams, and the love of life that I had lost.  I dream now more than ever and I truly believe in these and believe that these dreams can happen.  Before it was more like a fantasy that would never come true.  Something may or may not have come along, but it would have never happened and even if it did, it meant nearly nothing.  Now, there is so much to hope and dream for and actually achieve and feel.

So, for my, as one of Jenny's patient's put it, "Recovery Bucket List", I write the following:

Kristin's Recovery Bucket List
What if you made your own bucket list?  What would you put on it?  Getting married?  Kids?  Traveling?  Go crazy!  And dream BIG!

Speaking of dreams, if you are brave enough to share your big dream/inspiration for recovery, then I would encourage you to click here.  Jenni Schaefer wants to hear your stories and dreams!  You just might have your dream and story shared!  Go and check it out! :)